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Contumaciously is the adverbial form of the word contumacious. Contumacious means stubbornly disobedient, wilfully obstinate or rebellious, thus contumaciously means acting in a stubbornly disobedient way, in a wilfully obstinate way, or in a rebellious way. Both words (contumacious and contumaciously) tend to be mostly commonly used in a legal context to refer to lawyers, witnesses, plaintiffs, defendants, etc., who refuse to obey the Court's orders.

Here is an example sentence using the word contumaciously:
The plaintiff was repeatedly ordered to show all their evidence during discovery, but contumaciously disregarded the Court's orders and tried to spring a last minute surprise, based on supposedly new evidence, during the trial.
Related Words:
  • Contumacious (adjective) - stubbornly disobedient, wilfully obstinate or rebellious

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